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„Diving deep into the explorative, expressive, and wildly imaginative side of sound, K I Off The Book is built on the strengths of a highly innovative instrumental duo on a mission to create genuinely unique & entirely unforgettable moments in time. Combining the spectacular skills of the drummer - Illes Ispanovits, and his band-mate Peter Kocso on guitar, together they generate true authenticity in their music, and take listeners on a powerfully stylistic & sensory trip unlike any other.

With their unusual, unexpected, and all-out surprising song structures creating true excitement through their ability to embrace creative freedom & execute extraordinarily ambitious ideas with vibrant passion – K I Off The Book promise to thrill listeners in ways that haven’t ever been conceived before; until now.”

K I off the book

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PREMIERS in May, 2022 - Five new Videos via VEVO

Find our 5 new videos on VEVO!

We had the opportunity to record two multicam live session with HEUREKA POP ORCHESTRA in Budapest, even an uncutted rehearsal live video in duo.

Also You can find Ispa's 2 new playthroughs as well! 

Check them out here

NEW EP II. - is Released

A new - three  track - EP released on 2nd of May!

You can listen it on Soundcloud,

Spotify or other online music stores as well!

Check them out here on our site

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